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A results-oriented, turnkey marketing company

Ask any business or nonprofit what they want, and they will immediately tell you more business, sales or donations. But when we dig in and get honest, we often find that statement is simply not accurate.

What organizations want today is more business, sales or donations from the customers they love, people they have relationships with; people that they know, care about, who care about them, are considerate and who understand the value of the service/product being provided. But in a complicated and busy world, how does an organization go about finding and converting more customers like that?

Enter Focal Point, a one-step, turnkey marketing company that demystifies marketing, selling and how to engage the masses through the art of proper audience identification, targeting, storytelling, engagement and event planning and management. We pride ourselves in becoming a part of your sales and marketing team and find passion in building your community and cultivating the relationships with your fans that can give you the loyal customers you desire.

From websites to video to social media to events, we can do it all—simply, easily and cost-efficiently as an outsourced, turnkey solution for you and your organization. Contact us today to see how we can replicate your existing supporters, expand your organization and make you love marketing & events the 21st century way.

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